We have in-house capabilities to design custom fare management solutions or adapt our turn-key solutions to meet virtually any needs our clients have. Our team of designers, engineers and industry specialists have the knowledge to work with clients through the development process including design, prototyping, manufacturing, testing, deployment and post-production support.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our custom design services, or to learn how the TFS1200 will meet your needs.

The built-in features and specifications of the TFS1200 are extensive right out of the box. However, the system is completely customizable. We work proactively with our clients to customize the TFS1200 to meet 100% of their unique requirements. For example, we can easily integrate the TFS1200 with a host of third-party fare collection devices such as coinboxes, banking / credit payment systems, and much more. We can also adapt our Back Office software to integrate with many other central office / backend applications such as financial systems, vehicle maintenance systems and reporting applications.