Implementing our integrated fare management solution and the TFS1200 onboard device is simple and quick.

Our Central Office and Depot applications are typically configured and deployed in less than a week. Much of the configuration can even be done well before the implementation dates. Vehicle operator, supervisor and administrator training programs are typically one day each thus minimizing your operational downtime.

The design of the TFS1200 onboard device means that it can be easily installed in a variety of vehicles, since it requires a small footprint and includes a secure locking cradle.

A small to medium-sized transit operator can typically have our entire end to end fare management system up and running within a week and experience virtually zero impact on ongoing operations. We know your time are resources are valuable, which is why we’ve designed our fare management solution this way.

Contact us and we can quickly provide you with feedback on the suitability of the TFS1200 for your transit operations.