We offer a complete end-to-end automated fare collection solution including validators, issuers and back office software. Read more below to learn more about each component of our solution.

Automated Fare Collection

The TFS1200 is a leading edge automated fare collection and management device. It delivers leading-edge fare collection & reporting capabilities in a compact, secure and durable solution.

TFS1200 + Farebox

This solution combines the TFS1200 automated fare collection device with the rugged farebox. This solution enables you to process cash and contactless smart card payments.

Back Office Software

Use our back office software together with the TFS1200 to manage your entire vehicle fleet and gain valuable customer insights from detailed ridership data.

Select Features:
• Contactless smartcard reader
• Built-in GPS
• Wireless data connectivity
• Operator login
• High-speed thermal printer

Select Features:
• All features of the TFS1200, plus
• Secure cash farebox
• Automated dump switch
• LED lighting
• Removable locking vault

Select Features:
• Manage fares and fare rules
• Collect and analyze detailed ridership data
• Centrally manage an entire fleet of TFS1200′s