The TFS1200 is an electronic fare validator and issuer and has a built in contactless smart card processor. It is a part of our automated fare collection solution. The TFS1200 can be used onboard vehicles or at agent kiosks to sell and validate fare media.

The TFS1200 has been designed with leading edge functionality, scalability and is able to operate in harsh environments. Payments can be made via contactless smart card and it can support basic to very complex fare rules (including triangular and rectangular fare tables). The driver interface features a large illuminated display and keyboard making it easy to process fares in any operating condition. The TFS1200 wirelessly transmits fare sales and ridership data to the back office using either built-in 802.11b/g connectivity or GPRS connectivity. The TFS1200 is durable and easy to maintain, even out in the field. The TFS1200 is a proven solution with millions of riders processed to date.

Technical Specifications
The TFS1200 comes well-equipped right out of the box. It can process complex fare rules, has a built-in contactless smart card processor, GPS vehicle locator and built-in 802.11b/g Wi-Fi (or cellular GPRS connectivity). The TFS1200 collects detailed ridership and fare sales data and can integrate with a range of complementary devices such as fareboxes, passenger notification systems and banking payment systems.

Integrating the TFS1200
The TFS1200 is a key component of our turn-key electronic fare management solution. It is fully functional as a stand-alone system. However, we have built it with integration in mind.

The TFS1200 can be integrated with a variety of other onboard vehicle systems such as passenger notification and vehicle monitoring systems, automated passenger counters, banking payment devices, vehicle signage displays and much more. An array of industry-standard communication ports built into the TFS1200 makes integration simple.