The TFS1200 has been built with leading-edge functionality from the ground up. It comes equipped with an extensive set of features that make it a highly functional automated fare collection device. The TFS1200 is fully configurable – everything from the keyboard layout, display text to work flow processes can be customized to meet your needs.

You can also view the detailed technical specifications of the TFS1200 here.

Contactless Smart Card Payment 100 x 100
Contactless Smart Card Payment
Riders can pay via a secure contactless smart card. The TFS1200 implements industry-standard ISO 14443 contactless smart card technology. Smart cards can be value-based, rides-based, time-based or any combination of these.

The system is fully configurable to your needs so you can hot list smart cards, enable passengers to purchase or top-up their cards anywhere there is a TFS1200 device, and much more. Both hard plastic and disposable contactless smart cards can be used with the TFS1200.

TFS1200B Driver Interface 100 x 100
Driver Interface
The large illuminated display screen and tactile keyboard make using the TFS1200 easy even when viewing it in direct sunlight. The driver’s screen is fully configurable and can display the vehicle’s current location, fare issued, trip status, and much more.

The keyboard is completely sealed with tactile buttons and includes a full set of standard operating buttons. There are also 5 programmable function keys. Drivers log in & via either a secure smartcard or using their ID and password.

Ticket Issuing 100 x 100
Paper Ticket & Transfers
The TFS1200 has a built-in thermal printer to issue paper tickets and / or transfers. Combine the TFS1200 with a cash farebox or implement the TFS1200-F1 with integrated cash farebox to process contactless smart card payments and cash fares for your riders.

Simple fares can be issued in a single keystroke just by pressing the “Issue” key. Complex fares typically require 2 keystrokes allowing drivers to be very efficient when processing even the most complex fares. This simplicity ensures that drivers focus their attention on safely operating the vehicle while accurately processing fares.

Wireless Connectivity 100 x 100
Wireless Connectivity
802.11b/g wireless connectivity is built-in to the TFS1200 so that data transfers are automatic, secure and seamless. Vehicles equipped with the TFS1200 will synchronize data with our Back Office software whenever they are in range of an available wireless hotspot (e.g. at a bus depot, etc). Ridership and fare sales data is uploaded to the Back Office software for processing and updates to fares, routes and stops are downloaded to the TFS1200.

The entire TFS1200 fleet stays up-to-date and management has accurate ridership and fare revenue data in near real-time.

Optionally, the TFS1200 can be equipped with cellular GPRS connectivity for transit operators where real-time data access is critical. Our GRPS model works with standard GSM frequencies.

WeisLnk 100 x 100
Back Office Management Software
Fare rules for the TFS1200 can be easily created, modified and managed using our Back Office software. Anything from simple fares (e.g. fixed fares) to complex fares (e.g. zone-based, passenger type, multi-trip, special events fares, and more) can be configured in our Back Office software and wirelessly broadcast to the TFS1200 fleet (either via 802.11b/g or cellular GPRS).

In addition, our Back Office software makes it easy to manage your transit operations. You can easily manage your system’s stops, routes, drivers and more.

Reports 100 x 100
Fare Sales and Ridership Reporting
Get valuable insight into your riders – important data such as which popular stops, customer types, vehicle location and schedule performance are captured for you to analyze.

Data captured from the TFS1200 system enables you to make timely, fact-based decisions to optimize your transit system’s performance.

TFS1200 housing and cradle 100 x 100
Safety, Security and Durability
The TFS1200 is built to perform in harsh environments, including extreme temperatures and road conditions.

The housing is rugged and protects internal components from environmental elements and physical abuse. Internal components are sealed from dirt, moisture, dust and other elements. The mounting cradle locks to prevent device theft while still allowing devices to be easily swapped for maintenance. Our extensive physical testing process ensures that each TFS1200 is tested before it is shipped out to a customer.

The TFS1200 has proven itself to be exceptionally reliable in all environmental conditions.

Multi-langugage 'Boleto'
Multi-Language Support
The TFS1200 is currently available in English, Spanish and French. If you require another language, simply let us know. The keyboard, display, printer and Back Office software can all be translated to other languages.

Our system can also support multiple languages simultaneously (e.g. for multi-language environments).