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Automated Public Transit

Welcome to the future of transit. TransitFare’s cloud platform and bus hardware automate virtually every part of public transit – automated fare collection, passenger counting, real-time tracking, automated announcements, data collection, and more.

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Public Transit made simple

Transit Data Management

Our advanced cloud platform lets you easily create and manage your public transit data – routes, stops, trips, schedules. Create a central database of your transit assets. Publish your transit data in popular data formats, like General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), so you can share it anywhere you want.

Real-Time CAD/AVL

Give riders a stress-free transit experience with automated stop announcements, trip and vehicle tracking, and important transit alerts. Stay compliant with accessibility regulations while improving the transit experience for all riders.

Automated Fare Collection

Our automated fare collection system offers advanced features to ensure a safe and seamless rider experience while being easy to launch. Accept contactless smart cards, printed barcodes, and mobile barcodes right on your bus. Use our cloud platform for your online fare store, allow riders to setup automatic reloading, use guest purchasing, and more.

Automatic Passenger Counting

Our advanced passenger counting sensors automatically record boardings and exits while staying on the right side of privacy laws. We’ll automate the data collection so you can easily report important metrics like passenger miles traveled (PMT), and make informed decisions on how to best allocate money to capital projects and transit services.

why TransitFare

We’re Leaders in Automation Technologies for small and mid-sized Public transit agencies. 

TransitFare is your trusted partner in transit

Modern Cloud Platform

TransitFare Cloud is your one-stop-shop to automate virtually every aspect of running public transit. Our cloud platform allows you to manage your transit data, publish GTFS data, get performance data on your routes, stops, and schedules, and much more.

Next-Gen Hardware

Our driver console, bus validator, farebox, and other devices are all pre-configured for plug-and-play installation. Passengers can just ride with ease and get a modern transit experience with contactless payments, real-time CAD/AVL, and annunciators.

Convenient Rider Portal

Give your riders a modern transit all-in-one portal where they can purchase fare products, setup automatic reloading, and stay updated on the latest transit alerts.

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