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Reliable fareboxes To Keep Your Buses Running On Time

TransitFare’s reliable fareboxes help keep cash secure in transit and give passengers an easy way to pay fares with bills and coins. Keep your buses on schedule and fares accessible to all.

Farebox for public transit buses

Fareboxes for all Bus Types

Farebox with adjustable height

Adjustable Height

Our units are perfect for all types of buses, such as standard low-floor buses, cutaway buses with varying floor heights, and demand-response vans, thanks to adjustable mounting heights.

Farebox sizes for all bus types

Sizes for all Bus Types

Select from multiple size options to accommodate various bus types, including standard transit and specialized vans. Additionally, all fareboxes and vaults can share identical keys, streamlining cash collection.

Farebox Floor or Post Mount

Floor or Post Mount

Mount fareboxes either on the bus floor or on a standard 1.25" post or rail. Our mounting hardware features a secure lock requiring a special key for removal. Our floor mounts have a small footprint, which means easy installation even in smaller buses and vans.

Farebox Features

  1. Durable & Maintenance-Free:
    Heavy-duty stainless steel and aluminum castings and no required preventative maintenance routines means years of reliable service.

  2. Secure Vault:
    Our units feature a self-locking removable vault and high-security Medeco keys for enhanced security.

  3. Large Inspection Window and Night Light:
    Wide viewing windows, constructed from scratch and breakage-resistant Lexan, ensure longevity. Additionally, a 12 Volt LED night light makes it easy to view in low-light conditions.

  4. Adjustable Mounting:
    Mount our fareboxes securely either on the floor or rail, with adjustable mounting heights and a secure mount lock.
Farebox for Public Transit Bus - Features

Feature Whitepaper

The Role Of A Farebox In Modern Fare Collection Systems​​

Fareboxes are still important even with modern contactless payments and automated fare collection systems. Check out our whitepaper to discover what to look for when buying a new one for your fleet.

Farebox for public transit buses

Bus Validator Add-On

Bus Validator

Add TransitFare’s Bus Validator to automate fare collection with barcode contactless payments. Ideal for any type of bus, from regular low-floor buses to specialized vans, our system makes paying for rides easy and smooth.

TransitFare Bus Validator with Contactless Payment using RFID Smart Card and Tags

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Contact our team to discover how our fareboxes will be a reliable part of your fare collection system for your transit operations. Whether you operate standard low-floor buses or specialized vans, our solutions streamline fares and ticketing seamlessly.

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