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Where technology meets transit.

TransitFare is a leading provider of cloud software and bus hardware to automate public transit. Our products automate fare collection, contactless payments, passenger counting, vehicle tracking, automated announcements, data collection, and more. Get in touch with us to modernize your transit operations and the rider experience.


Our company exists to help small to mid-sized transit agencies leapfrog into the future with technology to automate all aspects of operating public transit – contactless fares, CAD/AVL, automated announcements, data analytics, and more. Our user-friendly technologies are easy to install and easy to use.


We believe in using technology as a force for good to make transit easy to use, accessible and improve transit for everyone. 

Our modern cloud platforms and innovative in-bus hardware are designed for easy deployment and operation. Get your riders, drivers, supervisors, and customer service staff all up and running with our platform in a few short weeks.​


TransitFare was founded in 2012 and we have over a decade of experience in creating technology for public transit agencies. We develop our technology from the ground-up to be ideally suited for the demanding needs of public transit. Our team has extensive experience in deploying advanced contactless fare collection systems, vehicle tracking, automated announcements, and passenger counting systems. Our platforms process millions of fare validation transactions, showcasing our commitment to enhancing the public transit experience. Leveraging our rich background, we aim to foster a more attractive and equitable transit environment. Trust in TransitFare’s proven track record to navigate your transit system into a future of effortless accessibility and a modern public service.

Contactless Payments and Automated Fare Collection

Our platform processes millions of contactless payments for transit agencies in Canada and the US – including RFID smart card, printed barcode tickets, and mobile barcode tickets. Our cloud platform and bus validator create a complete automated fare collection system

Transit Data Management

TransitFare Cloud specializes in automating transit data management to streamline operations and enhance service efficiency. Our platform intelligently integrates fare collection, scheduling, and real-time vehicle tracking, transforming raw data into actionable insights. By automating these critical processes, we empower transit agencies to optimize their resources, improve passenger satisfaction, and ultimately drive forward a new era of public transportation. Trust TransitFare Cloud to deliver reliable, cutting-edge solutions that keep your transit system moving smoothly and efficiently.

Bus Tracking, Automated Announcements, Dispatching

Join all of the transit agencies that trust TransitFare’s advanced real-time CAD/AVL system. Our tracking, announcements, and dispatching solution uses advanced bus hardware and integrates out of the box with our cloud platform.

Automated Passenger Counting

Elevate your transit operations with our expertise in automated passenger counters. We use cutting-edge sensor technology, and have experience with installing sensors on all types of transit vehicles, all the way from fully articulated low-floor buses to passenger vans, and everything in between.  

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