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Automated Fare Collection

TransitFare’s automated fare collection system is a unified platform for RFID smart card, printed barcode, and mobile ticketing. Our cloud platform can automate every part of how you sell, manage, and collect fares for public transportation while our bus validator intelligently validates each fare.

TransitFare Bus Validator with Contactless Payment using RFID Smart Card and Tags

Contactless Payments and Mobile Ticketing

TransitFare’s automated fare collection system is a complete solution to automate farebox collection for public transit. Your public transit system will benefit with electronic ticketing, happier riders, reduced fare evasion, and automated transit payments.

Our cloud platform and bus validator offer small to mid-sized transportation operators a complete automated fare collection system.

RFID Smart Card

Our RFID smart cards give you everything you need to automate contactless payments for public transit. This is because we supply you with everything you need like  bus validators that are pre-configured with your fare rules, RFID smart cards, and our cloud platform to manage the whole system.

Mobile Ticketing

Our system can integrate both mobile ticketing and printed barcode ticketing so transit riders can enjoy contactless payments without RFID. Our  ticket validator scans all types of barcode tickets. As a result, boardings are quick and you’ll get important performance metrics you can use to improve transit. 

Easy Fare

Automated fare collection for public transportation is easy with our platform which supports NFC smart cards and barcodes. Our bus validator intelligently picks the best fare for the rider in order to speed up boarding times. You can even install bus validators at each door for contactless payment at all bus doors.

All Kinds of
Fare Products

Our powerful cloud platform lets you configure and manage all kinds of fare products for public transit. This includes standard passes, rides, as well as currency fares. In addition, we have proven experience with advanced zone-based, time-based, and complex transfer rules. Even more, you can add terms and conditions for purchasers, like rider age or other fare rules.

Fare Collection

Our automated fare collection platform serves all transit riders, not just those with smartphones, data plans, credit cards, or app access. Our technology makes your transit service even more accessible, while helping to reduce fare evasion, and collect valuable ridership data only possible with electronic ticketing. 

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Automatic Fare Collection Benefits

Automate Up To 90% of Farebox Revenue

Transit agencies using our platform regularly succeed in getting 70% to 90% of all fares to be automatically validated at the farebox, after introducing our system. 

As a result, the driver’s workload is dramatically reduced to validating just 10% of fares. Plus, boardings are quick with validations happening in fractions of a second. And you’re automatically collecting valuable transit data you can use for data-driven decisions.

Detailed Fare Data & Analytics

By automating fare collections, our platform generates valuable data on transit usage. As a result, you can uncover key ridership trends. For example, you’ll learn which transit stops seniors frequent most and the main destinations at popular transfer points. Similarly, discover the usage patterns of the average transit rider. This information empowers you to make informed decisions, enhancing your service for all users.

As long as the raw data is there, the TransitFare Cloud platform will be able to offer the data insights you need to make important capital and operating decisions. 

Sell Fare Products Everywhere!

Sell Fare Products Online and via Mobile

Our UseTransit platform is ideal for giving your transit riders a way to purchase and reload fare products online and from a mobile device. The UseTransit platform is fully hosted, secure, and  an easy solution to modernize how riders purchase fare products from your transit agency. 

Sell Fare Products In-Person

Some riders will continue to want or need to make transit fare purchases in-person. For this reason, our automated fare collection solution includes multiple tools to enable your agency to sell fares in-person at customer service counters and through third-party retailers, while still providing easy ways for riders to convert to use the self-service UseTransit platform.

Sell Fare Products To Community Groups

As a transit agency, you are an important part of the fabric of your local community. If you have fare sales relationships with a large local employer, local university or college, or various social services agencies, TransitFare Cloud has important tools and features to allow you to easily sell large volumes of fare products to these types of groups.

Secure and Trusted

Leave the security to us. We have millions of transactions worth of experience with automated fare collection. We prioritize the privacy of user data. Our data centers meet rigorous standards. We safeguard all communications with TLS 1.2 and protect data with strong encryption. Furthermore, we enforce 2FA and IP whitelisting across supported platforms. Our modern database architectures provide reliable backup and replication, keeping your fare collection data safe and sound. 

We are dedicated to maintain the highest levels of data security and privacy.

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