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TransitFare Cloud

The Future of
Transit Data Management

Jump into the future with TransitFare Cloud – Our platform to automate virtually every part of operating public transit and Transit Data Management.

For Public Transit Agencies

Centralize transit reporting, tracking, transit data management and data collection.

For Service Operators

Automate fare collection, AODA / ADA announcements, bus tracking, passenger counting, and reporting.

For Transit Riders

Online fare purchase, setup automatic reloading, real-time tracking and the latest public transit updates.

Advantages of TransitFare Cloud

TransitFare Cloud is a cloud-based platform that automates transit operations for cities and service providers. It is also a centralized dashboard to report and measure every part of transit. With its focus on automation, data integration, and security, TransitFare Cloud is a big leap forward to modernize how public transit agencies operate. 


TransitFare Cloud is built with the latest industry-leading security, stability, and performance features. 

Scales as you Grow

TransitFare Cloud scales automatically as your public transit operations grow – from a small local transit service to 24/7 regional transit and everything kind of transit service in between. 

The Heart and Brains of Transit

TransitFare Cloud is at the heart of your transit operation with control over fare validators, onboard signage, dispatching, and centralized data collection and reporting.

Central Data Warehouse

Efficiently store, manage, and analyze all transit-related data in one accessible platform for improved decision-making and service delivery.


Automate transit data management by streamlining fare collection, scheduling, and real-time data integration, enhancing efficiency and rider experience.


Modern security features and regular updates to safeguard data and enhance system integrity, keeping your transit operations secure and technologically advanced.

Creating a TransitFare Cloud Account

We’ve made it super easy to onboard your transit agency to TransitFare Cloud. Managing your entire transit operation is easy with our quick onboarding and many helpful user guides to speed up the process. Once you are setup, you are ready to start using the platform to manage your transit data and automate your transit operations. 

Contact us to create a TransitFare Cloud account for your transit agency. Once your agency has an account in TransitFare Cloud, you can begin to manage transit data such as stops, routes, trips and schedules. We are also available to help with the setup process. 

TransitFare Cloud Specifications

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Features

TransitFare Cloud has all the functionality needed to automate fare collection for your transit agency. 

Advanced Fare Management

TransitFare Cloud supports all types of transit fare products such as rides, dollar value products, and passes such as daily, weekly, monthly, and semester passes. It also supports advanced fare products, such as time of use, route or zone based, and fare capping. 


Sales Channels, Fare Media, and Rider Choice

TransitFare Cloud enables transit agencies to make fares accessible to all riders. Our platform works with contactless smart cards, wearable RFID tags, printed barcode, mobile apps, and more. 

“Centralize All revenue operations and automate fare collection with TransitFare Cloud.”

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Dispatch, CAD, AVL Features

TransitFare Cloud has built-in Dispatch, Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) features designed entirely for public transit. Get a live view transit buses and important information about their trip, schedule, and more. Dispatchers can react to problems before they happen, optimize routes in real-time, and keep transit services operating smoothly.

Schedule Monitoring Features

TransitFare Cloud’s schedule monitoring feature enables agencies to track real-time schedules and long-term schedule adherence trends. Get the data you need to improve schedule efficiency and passenger satisfaction with schedule monitoring.

Automated Announcement Features

Manage audio and visual automated announcements all from a single cloud platform across your entire bus fleet. Whether you need to stay compliant with AODA or ADA accessibility regulations, or want to improve the rider experience, TransitFare Cloud helps ensure all of your automated announcements are consistent. 

Centralize Multiple Data Sources

TransitFare Cloud can be your transit agency’s single and authoritative source for transit stops, routes, schedules, detours, and more. Manage your data and changes to the data with ease in one place. 

It has advanced features to import and export data to and from multiple systems which helps streamline transit data management across your operations. 

Powerful GTFS Publishing

TransitFare Cloud automatically publishes high-quality GTFS-schedule and GTFS-realtime data feeds while still giving you full control over the data and how it is published. Learn more about GTFS data publishing. If you need to publish GTFS data for FTA/NTD compliance, this page will be more relevant.

Authoritative Reporting

Automate your transit usage reporting, from ridership, fare sales, farebox revenue, revenue and deadhead metrics, and much more for both internal reporting and regulatory reports. 

“Centralizing our transit data on TransitFare Cloud has really simplified managing the data and publishing it.”

Secure, Stable, and High-Performance

Security & Data Protection

Your vital transit data is safe with TransitFare Cloud. The platform uses end-to-end encryption to keep data safe during transmission. One-way hashing protects sensitive data at rest. All access to TransitFare Cloud is granted using roles to give users access to what they need and prevent access to sensitive information. We also perform regular security audits and compliance checks to adhere to industry standards and regulations.


TransitFare Cloud uses a triplicate database system where 3 copies of the database are kept including an ‘offsite’ copy. These comprehensive security  and backup measures ensure that TransitFare Cloud is a secure and reliable platform for managing public transit operations.

There was no unplanned downtime in 2021, 2022 and 2023 and to-date in 2024. 


TransitFare Cloud is a high-performance platform known for its rapid updates, consistent release cadence, and cutting-edge features to modernize public transit. It excels in managing large volumes of data with unmatched speed, reliability, and scalability, ensuring the platform is always available.

With industry-leading features like comprehensive analytics, real-time tracking, automated fare collection, and sophisticated reporting tools, TransitFare Cloud streamlines operations and delivers insights to improve rider satisfaction and reduce operating costs. 

TransitFare Cloud as an essential asset for public transit agencies aiming to automate operations.

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