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create, edit and publish GTFS data

TransitFare Cloud makes it easy to create, host, and maintain your GTFS data all from one place.

Create High-Quality GTFS Data

Publish high-quality General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data with our intuitive interface and automatic publishing. TransitFare Cloud has tons of features to make it easy to create, manage and publish transit data. 

Features include visual route building, intuitive trip scheduling, and intelligent change management all in a single powerful cloud app. 

TransitFare Cloud publishes schedule and static data that complies with the latest GTFS specifications

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Simple enough for 1 route.

Make life easier with TransitFare Cloud. Let us automate the complex work of creating your stops, routes, trip schedules, and more to produce high-quality transit feeds and get your transit data out to all the popular mapping and transit apps out there. 

Powerful enough for 500 Routes.

TransitFare Cloud gives transit planners powerful tools to manage the most complex transit feeds, such as interlining, multiple trip patterns, service levels that adjust with demand, changing schedules, and more. 

Quality GTFS Data Every Time.

TransitFare Cloud automatically creates high-quality GTFS feed data. every time. Publish your high-quality public transit data to your ridership through popular mapping and transit apps. 

What is GTFS?

Read our General Transit Feed Specification guide to learn more about this important data standard for publishing transit feeds.

Start Today!

Quickly start publishing your GTFS data to all mapping platforms and transit apps. 

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Contact us to create a TransitFare Cloud account and start publishing your transit agency’s GTFS data.

Publish Transit Data Everywhere

Publish your GTFS transit data anywhere and everywhere with our secure cloud platform. Get your transit data on popular mapping apps, trip planning apps, and even other transit hardware technologies such as digital displays, and digital stop signs. Read our GTFS Whitepaper to learn more about this important data standard.

Make Transit More Accessible with GTFS

Make your transit service more accessible to all riders by creating and publishing GTFS to the mapping and transit apps that work for each individual. Publish your transit data to dozens of platforms and give your riders the choice to use the app that works best for their needs – whether its one that’s compatible with their screen-reader, or one they can access for free at a public library. Contact us today to create a TransitFare Cloud account.

Automatic NTD Reporting

Are you required to submit an updated and valid GTFS dataset for your annual NTD reporting? 

Use TransitFare Cloud to create a GTFS dataset that meets NTD’s reporting requirements.

We’ll provide you an NTD-compliant link you can use for your annual NTD reports and D-10 Certification Form. 

Want More?

Add these Powerful extensions to supercharge your GTFS data

GTFS + Text Messaging

Your riders can now use SMS text messaging to get bus arrival times, schedules, and important alerts without needing to download yet another app. Our SMS text messaging add-on can publish your GTFS scheduled and real-time data. Never miss a bus again!

Do You Already Have GTFS Data?

Do you already have GTFS data want to add an SMS text messaging service? Use our high-speed SMS service to get schedule and real-time transit data to your riders. Our SMS text-messaging add-on for your transit data feed is easy to integrate, and keeps you on the good side of complex messaging and privacy regulations. 

GTFS + Public Map

Want to show a live map of your routes and buses right on your public website? Our Public Map API lets you effortlessly embed a live map into your site. We handle all the hosting and map publishing from the cloud, freeing you from the technical complexities.

Secure & Reliable GTFS Publishing

TransitFare Cloud gives you full control over publishing your agency’s GTFS data, making it easy to share while still maintaining control over the data. 


Whether you want to have full control over which apps have access to your transit data, or you just wish to make it universally available, TransitFare Cloud is your platform. 

Start Today!

Quickly start publishing your GTFS data to all mapping platforms and transit apps. We can help create a TransitFare Cloud account for your transit agency.

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Contact us to create a TransitFare Cloud account and start publishing your transit data with our powerful cloud platform.