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Easy Compliance with NTD GTFS Reporting

TransitFare Cloud offers an easy solution to get compliant and stay compliant with the FTA’s latest NTD GTFS reporting rules. Contact us to  create a TransitFare Cloud account today and automate your compliance. 

High-Quality GTFS Data

TransitFare Cloud produces high-quality and accurate GTFS data for your transit agency. We will simplify your NTD reporting with our hosted GTFS solution.

Compliant with NTD Standards

Our platform produces GTFS datasets that are compliant with the NTD’s latest GTFS reporting requirements so you don’t have to worry about the FTA rejecting your GTFS data.

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Professional Support

We are transit data and GTFS experts and are here to help you with any questions to make creating and managing your GTFS data a breeze.


TransitFare Cloud simplifies the process of creating high-quality General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data, ensuring that public transit agencies can easily meet the National Transit Database (NTD) reporting requirements for compliance.

Accurate Transit Data

TransitFare Cloud makes it easy to create and manage transit data, including all the required data to create an NTD-compliant GTFS dataset. Our platform ensures that the transit data is accurate and complete, forming the foundation of high-quality GTFS feeds.

Automated GTFS Feed Publishing

TransitFare Cloud automates the conversion of operational data into GTFS format. This not only saves time but also reduces the potential for human error during data entry and conversion processes, enhancing the overall quality of the GTFS data.

High-Quality and Error-Free GTFS Data

TransitFare Cloud automatically validates GTFS data against the GTFS standard and identifies any inconsistencies or errors. This step is crucial for ensuring that the data meets all required specifications and is of the highest quality before submission.

“TransitFare Cloud makes NTD compliance Easy, quickly allowing us to create and publish our transit data in gTFS format.”

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Get TransitFare Cloud today for an easy solution to get compliant with the FTA’s new NTD GTFS reporting requirements. 

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