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Contactless Payment

TransitFare’s contactless payment system enables automatic fare collection with RFID smart cards and barcode tickets.

Contactless Payment with RFID Smart Cards, Key Fobs & Bracelets

RFID Smart Cards

Reloadable contactless smart cards are perfect for all transit riders including regular commuters. Smart cards can be reloaded online, setup for automatic reloading, reported lost / stolen, and more. We will also customize smart cards with your transit agency’s branding.  

Wristbands and Key Fobs

Our system gives your riders more options with reloadable key fobs and wristbands (wearables). Wearables and tags are contactless and reloadable just like plastic cards. Riders can link their wearable wristbands or tags to their online account, setup automatic reloading, and much more. Key fobs and wearable tags are a great option for young and active transit riders, older transit riders, and to give riders a creative alternative that suits their lifestyle.  

Bus Validator

Our Bus Validator processes RFID and barcode contactless payments right at the time of boarding. It is perfect for all types of buses – from standard low-floor buses to specialized vans. It has a built-in RFID tag processor, barcode scanner and easy to view display. We will preconfigure the bus validator for your transit agency’s transit fare rules so it is easy to deploy to your buses. 

About Our Bus Validator

Unlock Accessible Transit with Contactless Payment

TransitFare’s contactless payment solution is designed to cater to all riders, including those with disabilities and the underbanked. An important part of our mission is ensuring that transit users of all abilities has easy access to your transit system and fare products.

Empower Riders

RFID smart cards are easy to use - just ride with a quick tap. Our bus validator will automatically pick the best fare option for the rider. Boardings are quick since the bus validator processes RFID smart card and tag validations in fractions of a second.

Serve the Underbanked

Our contactless payment system gives riders multiple ways to reload their RFID smart cards, including in-person, at retailers, or with community service groups.

Flexible and Inclusive

Contactless payment options gives your transit riders an accessible, friendly solution that caters to their diverse needs.

Advanced Fare Management

TransitFare Cloud gets you up and running quickly and makes automated fare collection a breeze. It support all types of contactless payment options such as RFID tags, printed barcodes, and mobile barcodes.

Our cloud platform lets you create all types of fare products from standard flat fares and  period passes to more advanced fare and transfer rule capabilities, such as zone fares, complex transfer rules, and features like passes that are activated on first tap. 

Partner With TransitFare

Our team is ready to work with your transit agency to deploy our contactless payment hardware and cloud platform. Your transit agency will benefit from automated fare collection, data collection, and fare management.

Contact us today and someone from our technical sales team will get in touch with you.