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Central Office Applications

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Payment System Integration
The TFS1200B onboard device will integrate with a variety of payment devices. For example, it can actuate cashboxes (or coinboxes) once a fare is processed. It can also integrate with banking or credit card payment systems. Finally, the TFS1200B can integrate with smartcard systems (chip-based, magnetic or RFID).

Passenger Notification Systems
Passenger notification systems such as next stop announcements, displays or even real-time vehicle arrival updates can be implemented in conjunction with the TFS1200B. The built-in GPS receiver enables the TFS1200B to control notification systems since it can determine the position of the vehicle and time to the next stop.

Other Vehicle Systems
The TFS1200B can also integrate with other vehicle systems, such as vehicle monitoring, passenger counters and more. It can integrate in various ways such as collecting data from these systems and aggregating it to its ridership & usage data tables. Contact us if you have a specific question on how the TFS1200B can integrate with your existing vehicle system(s).

Financial Application Integration
WeisLnk enables our clients to easily integrate all their ridership and usage data with downstream Central Office applications, including financial & management applications. Whether you are using Oracle Financials, a custom application or anything else, WeisLnk can export fare reports these applications. Fare data allows clients to get accurate revenue figures across the entire fleet of vehicles without having to rely on manual data entry.

Route Planning
Ridership data collected by the fleet of TFS1200B’s allows transit operators to accurately understand usage patterns across their system. Datalogs capture a granular level of detail that includes fare type, time of day when the fare was issued, route, stop where the fare was issued and much more. Aggregate data can be exported from WeisLnk into third party route analysis or mapping software.